denominator level

denominator level
упр., учет объем [уровень, величина\] знаменателя [делителя\]* (плановый объем производства, выраженный в количественных показателях, напр., трудо- или машино-часах, и используемый как база для распределения накладных расходов)

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  • denominator — noun Date: circa 1542 1. the part of a fraction that is below the line and that functions as the divisor of the numerator 2. a. a shared trait < a common denominator > b. the average level (as of taste or opinion) ; standard …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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  • lowest common denominator — noun 1. : the lowest common multiple of two or more denominators 2. : something (as a quality or level of taste) that typifies or is common, acceptable, or comprehensible to all or the greatest possible number of individuals the committee system… …   Useful english dictionary

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